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Essay About Minecraft

Kason Zhao

My World of Adventures

In one village, there are two warriors: Sailor and Taurus, who live a quiet and busy life together because they are building a big house.

  • The first floor is the reading room, there are many comic books, you can see.

  • The second floor is the zoo, which houses a lot of cattle, sheep, chickens, horses, and pigs.

  • The third floor is the Botanical Garden, planted with all kinds of trees and flowers.

  • The fourth floor is the observation deck, surrounded by glass walls, you can see the outside world.

  • The top floor is an open large balcony that can bask in the sun.

This day, with the arrival of an uninvited visitor, broke the quiet life. This is the Great Demon King. The Great Demon King ran over and gasped. Say, no, the final portal was opened. A lot of enders have come here.

The Ender man is a very dangerous creature, and when people look at his head, they are enraged and attack others.

What can I do about that? At this time, the clever hot fog of cattle Taurus thought of a good way. Water, the ender people are afraid of water, but also afraid of rain. They brought the water gun, and the water drove all the enders back to the ender's land, closing the portal. They won!

Finally, the Great Demon King also intends to stay here, build a house together, so the three of them live a happy life together.

Kason Zhao

Kason Zhao

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