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Firestore vs MongoDB, which one should go for your app?

Kason Zhao

Today we'll focus on Firestore and MongoDB, analyzing their respective strengths to determine which one is best for your app.

Nowadays, we have many database services to choose from. As a NoSQL database, MongoDB is the best known. As a relatively new NoSQL database, especially Firestore, they also have some corresponding pros as well as cons.

I've used both of these database products, they are both great, but down two different scenarios, we should pick the right database solution for your app.

so let's take a look at each one.

Google Firestore

Google Firestore is a database-as-a-service in Firebase family, it`s fast, easy to use, most importantly: backed by Google.

It works seamlessly with other Firebase services: Authentication, Storage, Cloud Functions, .etc

If your app architecture most depends on Google Cloud or Firebase, it`s a good choice to go for.

By taking look at the pricing and development documentation, it offers the free tier and easy understand API documents.

Be careful of the wording - document reads, if your app consumes Firestore as a blog, list or comment storage, if the query return 10 documents, then 10 reads are gone.

Pricing: Document reads: 50K/day, $0.06/100K

When I was doing local development, it easily consumed hundreds of reading counts. so if your app is blog based, requires high reading volume, Firestore may not an ideal solution.

Let`s break down.


  • Superfast

  • Backed by Google, seamlessly works with other Google, Firebase Products

  • Easy to use,

  • Free Tier - Spark plan


  • Pricing is counted by operation & storage, the free tier can be broken very quick

  • The query is not as powerful as MongoDB

    • You cannot perform Not Equal, populate,.etc

Firestore Summary

Firebase is a solution designed for mobile/web apps, if the database serves the user setting, progress, and likely for the single user scenario, like a game app, FireStore is a good choice.


MongoDB had been adopted widely by various development stacks, there is no doubt that one of the most popular NoSQL databases is currently available, backed by MongoDB, Inc.

It offers a community version, you can choose MongoDB Altas which is Database as a service, 512 MB storage as a free plan, alternately, host your own MongoDB instance.


  • Fast

  • 512 MB Fee on Altas or your own instance

  • Documents and tutorials anywhere

  • Support most of the complex queries


  • Not easy as Firestore

  • To be added

MongoDB Summary

MongoDB can fulfill most of your needs, if you are trying to build a standard application then Mongodb is the choice.

Kason Zhao

Kason Zhao

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