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Hide Your Email Address on Website from Spam

Kason Zhao

Put your email address on the website? Good!

However, later on, you would feel annoying, because there are loads of spam coming to your inbox!

There are some many online email robot search evert webpage to collect email address to send spam.

To protect our email address from online spiders, or at least hide the email address from internet email robots, I will introduce you to the simplest way. Protects Your Email Address from Internet Robot Spiders. Goodbye Spam!

It`s a free web solution recently published, provides a simple & effective way to hide the email address from robots, shows it only to humans.

The verification mechanism adapts Google reCAPTCHA as known as "I`m not a Robot" tickbox.

You just need to enter your email address, click the "ARM" button, a shortened URL shall be generated.

If you`d like to share your email address on the website expose the shortened URL in the site instead of the email address.

Anyone who wants to check your email will click the link, prove they are not a robot, then the real email address is popped up!

Kason Zhao

Kason Zhao

Experienced DevOps Specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the IT industry